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Every time you need to change your mattress, it’s the same old song: finding out about the new available technologies, establishing a list of mattresses that seem to match what you’re looking for, looking up mattress stores that offer these models in Markham or in the suburbs of Toronto, short test to check the feel of these mattresses and, eventually, purchase. And you didn’t complete the process, rinse and repeat the next weekend and so on. You’re telling yourself: “Why can I order anything on the Internet except a mattress, dammit!” That’s ok, at Polysleep, we also thought about that, but before you, and then we built a company just for that. You can shop for your mattress straight from your home in Markham with just a few clicks, right now. Buying a mattress in Ontario has never been easier!


Drum roll… you can buy your Polysleep mattress online from Markham!


Thanks to Polysleep, you’re done with having to visit every mattress store in Markham for seven Saturdays in a row! Really, as of right now, you can order your mattress online on our site directly from your home in the suburbs of Toronto! We know it, the revolution is underway!


In real terms, how does that work? First, visit the Polysleep website. Next, select the mattress you want, in the right size of course (if you’re not sure about choosing a size, refer to our guide about mattress sizes). Finally, submit your order and pay. And then? Just wait for your mattress in the warmth of your home.


The advantages? You won’t spend anymore of your life shopping for a mattress in Markham or elsewhere in Ontario, since you’ll receive it via free delivery. Secondly, you’re not paying for Bob’s new stuff. Since there are less intermediaries between you and us, our prices are nicer. And you’ll also get the opportunity of a 100-night trial (adult mattress sizes only) to test your mattress. Still not satisfied? Just tell us and we’ll come to your place to rewrap and pick it up. If you decide to keep it, well first, thanks, and then relax, we’ve also considered your peace of mind! The Origin mattress is covered by a 5-year warranty, and both the Polysleep and Zephyr models come with a 10-year warranty!


“Super service from A to Z but, your mattresses in a box, how good are they?”


It’s true that we’ve talked a lot about the simplicity of the purchase process and return policies. Almost as simple as buying your yogurt at the market! But the Polysleep mattress that’ll arrive to your home in Markham is a lot more advanced than your average milk product.


Our mattresses are made of foam and designed to offer a perfect balance of comfort and support night, after night, after night. The viscoelastic hybrid foam that we use detects your pressure points to provide you with perfect spine alignment, no matter what position you sleep in. It’s also a breathable foam, so that you don’t melt from the heat in the summer and that you stay warm in winter.


Lastly, these mattresses have a durability that could last well beyond your marriage (we’re not hoping for your divorce here, of course!). In fact, for the Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses, we have developed an ultra-firm support frame that reinforces the overall structure to prevent the mattress from flattening. That way, Polysleep mattresses will guarantee you many nights of perfect sleep in Markham, in the suburbs of Toronto! Besides, you’ll be able to offer all the qualities of Polysleep foam mattress to your little one, since we also offer a baby mattress.


All you need to do now is to order your mattress made in Canada right now on Polysleep’s website! Still have doubts? Maybe reading our foam mattress guide will convince you! Otherwise, you just have to select the size of your mattress (our guide about mattress sizes could help you!) and, beforehand, the size of your bed (a subject that we also have a guide for: “Choosing the size of your bed”) and bam, it’s done!

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