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A Mattress Delivered in a Box? Wait, What? How Does That Work?
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Mattress delivered in a box


A Mattress Delivered in a Box? Wait, What? How Does That Work?

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Did you know you could have your next mattress delivered in a box to your door? Nowadays, there’s pretty much nothing you cannot order and have shipped straight to your home address. So it’s no surprise that mattress companies have found a way to have their product shipped to you!

However, the idea of a mattress delivered in a box might sound weird if you are used to coil mattresses. It might be possible to have those delivered to your door, but probably not in a box, because what a huge box that would be! No, in fact, the mattress delivered in a box is a memory foam mattress!

But how does that even work? Let us tell you all the advantages of having your mattress delivered in a box and you might just want to change how you shop for a mattress!

Save Your Money and Time by Having Your Mattress Delivered in a Box!

No one likes mattress shopping—and if you do, that makes you an exception. It is usually something we do every few years, once we feel that our mattress doesn’t support us enough anymore. We then go to the nearest mattress shop and choose one based on the price, and on the firmness once we have sat on it.

This approach can lead to a few problems. But first, let’s discuss the waste of time that traditional shopping is, compared to online shopping.

  • First, you have to leave the house.
  • Then, you have to lay down on several mattresses to try and decide which one is the most comfortable and within your budget.
  • It’s possible you might not be able to just leave with it right away and will have to wait a few days for delivery.

Those are the problems of traditional shopping. Meanwhile, when buying a mattress online, you do not have to leave the house. All you have to do is click on the products that you like and you can read the reviews of other shoppers, both positive and negative.

It might not seem like much of an advantage, but it actually is. While a salesman could tell you the planets had aligned to create a perfect mattress, shoppers online have no inclination toward making a sale.

They don’t care if you buy a particular mattress or not, so their opinions are to be valued as they are not biased by a potential commission. You might not be able to sit on the mattress, but having 10–20 people telling you whether or not it’s a good mattress is usually a good indicator.

It’s So Easy to Have a Mattress Delivered in a Box

Did you know that most companies will have your mattress delivered in a box within 7 days of your purchase, along with a home-trial guarantee of up to 100 days?

Some will even have a free-return policy, while you will most likely incur delivery and return fees if you buy in-store. It’s really easy to have your mattress delivered in a box!

Once you receive the package, all you have to do is open the box, get the compressed mattress out of its plastic protective cover and put it down on your bed base.

You can sleep on it as soon as you receive it because memory foam is quick to return to its original shape. You can rest easy with a memory foam mattress delivered in a box because the process couldn’t be any simpler if you tried.

Now that you know more about the mattress delivered in a box, why not check out some awesome memory foam pillows to go with your new bed?

That’s the best match for the most amazing sleep.


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