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Do You Believe in “Bed in a Box” Firmness? It’s Real!
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Firmness of the Polysleep mattress


Do You Believe in “Bed in a Box” Firmness? It’s Real!

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Bed-in-a-box firmness is a thing, and you should jump on that train right away before it exits the station! It’s not leaving anytime soon, but you know, just in case.

There aren't a thousand ways to sleep like a baby. You have to carefully pick your mattress so that is at the exact level of comfort that you need and firm enough that it will stand the test of time. No one want to buy a mattress that they’ll end up throwing away in just a year or two, that we can all agree on!

So why believe in bed-in-a-box firmness? Because a mattress delivered to your door is not only an incredible time-saver, it’s also one of the best mattresses you can find on the market nowadays. Why? Because bed-in-a-box firmness is real and it’s all thanks to the materials these beds are made of. Many mattresses of this kind sold on the market are created using a hybrid viscoelastic foam, a high-quality foam known for its well-equilibrated support with just enough bounce that you feel like you're floating instead of sinking! 😉

The type of foam used is essential to keep in mind when buying a mattress, but it's not the only deciding factor. In this article, we'll give you a few helpful reasons why you should consider buying your next mattress online, along with some choice memory foam pillows to boot, so that you can get yourself the best sleep possible!

What Is Memory Foam?

Memory foam, also called viscoelastic foam, is a type of foam that was created by NASA to help astronauts deal with harsh launch and reentry conditions. It was first used in aircraft cushions and was later introduced in both medical and sports equipment, such as X-ray table pads and football helmet liners.

Nowadays, memory foam is being used in multiple fields and has been commercialized for the public. You can find memory foam in shoes, blankets and most commonly in mattresses and pillows, like the Polysleep Pillow. Now, let's see why bed-in-a-box firmness is real, and the role of memory foam in making this possible. 

Close up on the Polysleep mattress

How Memory Foam Makes Bed-in-a-Box Firmness a Real Thing

Memory foam is an amazing material for sleeping surfaces. It has long been proven that mattresses made of viscoelastic foam are more durable than coil mattresses, as well as being generally more comfortable than them. Bed-in-a-box firmness is real thanks to memory foam, and this is how.

Durability and Firmness

We said earlier that mattresses made of memory foam were more durable than coil mattresses. But what we didn’t specify was that viscoelastic foam makes bed-in-a-box firmness real because of its ability to return to its original shape rapidly, and mattresses will possess an even higher and faster ‘bounce-back' capacity if they're made with viscoelastic hybrid foam.

When you order a mattress online and it’s delivered in a box, it is compressed tightly so it can fit in the box and be easily shipped. Once you remove it from the box, all you have to do is take off the plastic protective cover and lay it down on your bed base.

It'll take a handful of minutes (at most!) for your mattress to get back to its original shape and return to 100% of its firmness. Memory foam is just that great of a material that your bed-in-a-box firmness will rival and outmatch that of any other store-bought mattresses.

Some brands like Polysleep add an additional support frame to their mattresses to provide even better support, and to make sure that the borders of the bed don't sag over time.

The Power of Support

The power of memory foam doesn't just stop at its capacity to regain its original shape.

Another reason why bed-in-a-box firmness is a thing is that memory foam is a material that snuggles up to you when you lay down upon it!

What do we mean by that? We mean that the material will offer you the best support possible by molding itself to your form. Its firmness is always optimal for that very reason. Memory foam is a material that is made to wrap around your body and embrace it, while coils can only offer so much support. Coils also wear out a lot faster than high-quality viscoelastic memory foam!

Convinced yet? Another advantage of buying a bed-in-a-box online is that you get to benefit from a 100-night trial.

If you are not completely satisfied, you get a refund* and the return's taken care of by the company. With all of these (very convincing) arguments, it's no doubt about time to say goodbye to your trusty (too) old mattress and say hello to a high-brow, viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress 😉


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