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Are foam mattresses good for back pain?
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Are foam mattresses good for back pain?

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In order to choose the right mattress, you should already understand what causes your back pain when you sleep. We will leave the case of more chronic back pain, such as a herniated disc, to focus on the more common back aches related to your back muscles.

In terms of symptoms, if your back is a giant knot filled with aches and pains in the morning and you feel that your back muscles are tighter than the day before, welcome to the muscular back pain club! Worse yet, you may wake up at night because of these pains, or because you're moving around too much, looking for a position to relieve your back as much as possible, but nothing helps.

The factor that causes this type of back pain is that your mattress does not relieve your pressure points or does not relieve them as effectively. The position of the spine is then unnatural, which will not only put more pressure on the discs of your spine, but will also cause your muscles to be continuously contracted when they should be at rest at night. So the number one objective is to have optimal alignment of the spine!

Young businesswoman with back pain sitting at the edge of her mattress


Foam mattresses to the rescue of your back pain!

Today's mattress specialists consider that when it comes to supporting your small back, foam mattresses are equivalent to spring mattresses. That's how far we've come! Spring mattresses also have other advantages, such as offering support that is completely adapted to you, while providing you with individualized comfort! Some, like the Zephyr mattress by Polysleep, can even offer you personalized support based on the body zone in contact with the mattress.

However, don't forget certain rules: choose a mattress that corresponds to your sleeping preferences and your morphology, otherwise you may sleep in a bad position! Even with the best mattress in the world, if it doesn't suit you in terms of the support-comfort ratio or size, you won't sleep in a natural position, which will necessarily create tensions for your body, and therefore tensions in your back, be it in the spine, lumbar region or any other muscle in the back area!

The Zephyr mattress by Polysleep is great for back pain


Other important factors to consider, to relieve your back pain!

We’ve just answered your question: YES, foam mattresses are, if well chosen, perfectly adapted for someone with back pain. But Polysleep wouldn't tell you the whole truth if we stopped on such a good path!

After all, there are other variables, independent of the mattress, that come into play when it comes to having or not having back pain. One of these is having an adequate pillow. This pillow must allow the hollow of the neck to be filled, while avoiding any effort on the part of your spine to maintain your lying down position, all the while respecting the integrity of the curvature of your cervical vertebrae. Phew! That's a first variable!

Second variable: whether or not you have an adapted bed base. This factor has a huge impact on whether or not you have back pain. In fact, it provides extra support that will complement the support provided by your foam mattress, while allowing better ventilation. You will sleep with better support-to-comfort ratio and always at the right temperature. If you have back pain, you should therefore choose a box spring adapted to your mattress. Polysleep offers a slatted bed foundation on, that will give you all these advantages, in addition to maximizing the lifespan of your brand new mattress!

Foam mattresses are great for back pain!

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So, to the question: “Are foam mattresses good for back pain?” Our answer is unequivocal: YES. With their custom support and comfort that rivals that of spring mattresses, your spine and back muscles will be able to rest without a second thought! However, be sure to consider choosing the right pillow and bed base to maximize the benefits of your new foam mattress!


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