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Here is why Polysleep offers the best foam pillows
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Here is why Polysleep offers the best foam pillows

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With the large selection of available models and brands, it can be difficult to figure out what are the best foam pillows on the market. If you already know our Polysleep mattress, you’ll be happy to learn that we also offer foam pillows! And just like our foam mattresses, you could get your pillow delivered in a box, directly to your door! Let’s look at the major advantages of our Polysleep pillow!

A customizable pillow

Depending on the type of support you’re looking for—or your tastes! —you’ll be able to customize your pillow thanks to its 4 removable foam layers: two of ¾”, one of 1” and one of 1¼” thickness. Use 1, 2 or all of them, fold them, roll them, make origami out of it… ok, we’re exaggerating here, but not that much! What’s essential is that you feel comfortable.

A 30-night trial period

We know that there's always a period of adaptation when you change your pillow, we offer you a trial period of 30 nights, and a 3-year warranty. You don’t like it? No problem —everyone’s sleeping needs are different! We’ll take it back and refund you fully.

Unparalleled softness and support

Our Polysleep pillow has a 100 % cotton outer cover and microfiber fill for unbeatable softness and comfort. The unique design of our foam allows our pillow to provide your neck with the right support. Your whole body will then benefit from a more appropriate posture. And if you combine your Polysleep pillow with our Polysleep mattress of viscoelastic hybrid foam, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud! (We’re never tried this, but we imagine that's what it would be like!)

No matter what type of sleeper you are, the Polysleep pillow will suit your needs

The high-density foam that our pillow is made of allows everybody to enjoy optimal support and this, whether you’re sleeping on your back, on your side or even on your stomach. As it moulds itself to the shape of your head, pressure points will disappear, and its design also allows for good air circulation.

With so many advantages, our pillow is undoubtedly the best foam pillow on the market; order yours on our online mattress website today to make sure that you, too, enjoy nights of sleep like you’ve never had before!


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