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Can a baby sleep on a foam mattress?

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You will acknowledge receipt of your new baby via stork delivery within three months. “Congratulations!” is what you hear from those around you, which is very pleasing. Then comes the age-old question that every new parent is asked after the “boy or girl?” one: “Have you already chosen a bed for little Emma-Lou?” To which you reply with a shake of your head. Feeling that it's a pressing purchase, you go looking for "baby mattress" on the web. Among the results obtained, some people warn against foam baby mattresses with regard to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Others, on the other hand, incense them. So, foam baby mattresses, dangerous or not for the little one soon to arrive? Polysleep gives you the answer below!

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« Ok Google, what is sudden infant death? »

“It's not about hockey at all. It's about something much more serious”, says Google. And the all-knowing search engine is right. But let's get back to the question: What is Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)? It's the sudden unexplained death of a seemingly healthy baby while they’re sleeping.

One of the current hypotheses that could cause this syndrome is a problem in the automaticity of respiratory mechanisms. Another potential cause is a failing breathing reflex in case of insufficient oxygenation of the brain. Potentially aggravating factors include the baby sleeping on the stomach or on the side, or having a cluttered bed, thus preventing air from circulating properly.

But whatever the cause, the most important thing is that the baby's airways are clear, and actions to prevent this type of accident (Emma-Lou sleeping on her back alone in her bed, a firm mattress, no blankets that can obstruct the airways) follow this direction, with convincing results, especially in the case of sleeping on her back.

A firm foam mattress for baby!

It is therefore essential to choose your baby's bed with care to ensure optimum clearance of her small airways. And the first thing to choose is a firm baby mattress! This will keep your baby in an ideal position, with her spine upright, while preventing it from sinking into the mattress. This support prevents your little one from “sinking” so that the foam does not obstruct her little nose, allowing her to breathe at full capacity. Moreover, this same firm support allows the baby to have all the support required for her evolving morphology. Two birds with one stone! And a foam mattress can offer this type of firmness, as demonstrated by Polysleep’s Baby mattress, which also offers perfect body support and alignment!

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Other important criteria: good breathability and anti-bug materials!

Another major consideration is air circulation in the mattress. Optimal ventilation will allow baby to sleep at the right temperature, which may reduce her movements related to discomfort caused by overheating. This is a strong point of foam mattresses, depending on their design. Indeed, in the case of Polysleep mattress for babies, your future little one will be entitled to outstanding breathability thanks to its very cool Tencel cover, supported by a mesh surrounding the highly breathable mattress allowing optimal thermoregulation.

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Polysleep's baby mattress is safe for your little one

Finally, a mattress that prevents the proliferation of bacteria is a plus, thus preventing Emma-Lou from falling ill as a result. And that's another advantage of baby foam mattresses, which, depending on the type of foam used, can prevent these bacteria from infesting the crib. This is the case of Polysleep's Baby mattress with its Canadian-made foam, which offers the healthiest sleeping surface.

So, when asked "are foam mattresses dangerous for babies?", our answer, as well as Google's, is unanimous: NO if you choose the right mattress! If you choose the right model (preferably the Polysleep Baby mattress!), it can offer incomparable firm support over the long term while ensuring a high level of breathability and maintaining a healthy surface for the most restful sleep. All you have to do is go to polysleep.ca and order your Polysleep Baby mattress for Emma-Lou online!

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