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Side sleeper? What is the best mattress for you?

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If you fall under the category of people who sleep on their side, you might be asking yourself what mattress is the best for you. Polysleep, a 100 % Canadian company, offers you a ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress that’ll help you get the best night’s sleep. You’re still unsure about buying a mattress in a box? Read what follows and you’ll see why our mattress is perfect, both for people who sleep on their side or for any other type of sleeper!


How to sleep better on your side?

Some will tell you that it’s better to sleep on your left side to alleviate heartburn, others swear that the opposite is better to avoid putting pressure on the heart. No matter what side you prefer, try not to bend your knees too much toward you belly, and insert a small pillow between your legs so that your legs, hips and spine are properly aligned. You’ll thank us in a few years!


What happens when you sleep on your side?

If you sleep on your side and don’t have the right mattress, you could experience pains in areas along your body that are under more pressure. We’re referring here to your hips, your shoulders and the back of your neck. By acquiring a foam mattress like our Polysleep online mattress, these pressure points will be instantly identified. The viscoelastic hybrid foam will then reduce the firmness and temperature in these areas to provide you with the best possible sleep.

Whatever the reason, the important thing is that you find the best mattress for you, whether you sleep on your side, on your belly, on your back, with your head upside down, etc. And our Polysleep mattresses are made for all types of sleepers, thanks to the ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam. Not only does it allow for optimal air circulation to keep you cool, but it moulds itself to the shape of your body to offer the best night’s sleep, no matter what position you sleep in.

Lastly, you can buy your Polysleep mattress online; rolled and delivered in a box to your door, you can use it immediately and take advantage of the trial period of 100 nights!


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