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What kind of sleeper are you?
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What kind of sleeper are you?

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Every one of us spends about a third of our life sleeping. No matter what type of sleeper we are, we all want the same thing: to enjoy the best possible sleep, no matter what sleep position we prefer. By browsing the web, you’ll find countless types of sleepers; here are a few among the most popular.

What type of sleeper are you? 


  • Sound Sleeper. A little more than a quarter of people fall under this category. You have no problem sleeping, you practice sports and you aren’t addicted to your phone? We envy you!
  • Tired Sleeper. One person in 5 falls into this category. These sleepers generally fall asleep quickly, are somewhat stressed and despite their 7 to 8 hour nights, they wake up tired and often get a feeling of fatigue after lunch. Do you recognize yourself?
  • Anxious Sleeper. You suffer from anxiety, you don’t sleep well, you often wake up in the middle of the night and your sleep is everything but restful? You probably fall under this category.
  • Efficient Sleeper. These people generally sleep well, but find that sleeping is a waste of time. They usually wake up very refreshed first thing in the morning, to the chagrin of many who envy them!



So, what type of sleeper are you?


We can also sort sleepers according to their sleep position; and depending on their profile, their needs in terms of comfort and support will vary. 

  • Side sleepers. We estimate that about 70 % of the population sleeps this way. This position needs optimal neck support.
  • Back sleepers. This position won’t subject your body to strain, since it’s lying in a natural posture, provided you have the proper pillow!
  • Stomach sleepers. Specialists all agree that this position should be avoided, since it arches your spine. Also, because your head is turned to the left or the right (because you need to breathe!), it applies pressure on the neck bones.


No matter how you sleep, you’ll need optimal support suited to your sleeping habits. This is why among all online mattresses, viscoelastic hybrid ones are a very good choice because they adapt to the shape of your body and to your sleeping posture. These mattresses in a box can be ordered via Internet and delivered to your home.

So, what type of sleeper are you? A tired back sleeper, an anxious side sleeper or an efficient stomach sleeper?


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