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Fitting a Full-Size Mattress in an SUV: Is it possible?
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Cartoon man pushing a mattress into the trunk of a SUV.


Fitting a Full-Size Mattress in an SUV: Is it possible?

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Polysleep's Takeaway

The ability to fit a mattress in your SUV is determined by various factors, including the size and flexibility of the mattress, the dimensions of your vehicle, and your skill in maneuvering the mattress to fit within the restricted cargo space.

If you are planning your next road trip in Quebec or thinking about purchasing a new mattress and wondering whether you can fit a full-size mattress in your SUV, rest assured that you are not alone.

Transporting a mattress, no matter the reason, can be intimidating, but it is certainly achievable. Keep reading to discover whether your SUV can accommodate your mattress.

Will I be able to fit a mattress in an SUV?

The possibility of fitting a mattress in an SUV relies on whether the dimensions of the mattress align with the cargo capacity of the vehicle.

Mattress dimensions

You can view Polysleep's made in Canada memory foam mattresses sizes below.

Mattress Size Mattress Dimension W x L (inches) Targeted sleeper
Twin 38” x 75” Mostly kids and adults residing in compact living spaces such as student apartments.
Twin XL 38” x 80” Taller students and teens
Full or double 54” x 75” Single adults with or without pets, teens who sleep diagonally.
Queen 60” x 80” Tall adults, couples who want more space, single adults sleeping diagonally or with pets.
King 76” x 80” Couple with a large family pet, suitable for master bedrooms (12’x10’)
California King 72” x 84” Couple with long legs, couples who need extra space for multiple pets.
Short Queen (for RV) 60” x 75” x 10” For standard-size RV, trailers, and motorhomes.

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Standard SUV cargo space

Now having a good understanding of the mattress dimensions, it is important to assess whether the interior space of a standard SUV can accommodate a mattress of standard size.

Although SUVs are available in various sizes, the following are the standard dimensions for SUVs:

SUV type Dimension W x L (inches)
Compact Crossover 66.93” x 151.18”
Mid-size 73.62” x 185.04”
Full-size 80.2“ x 208.9”

Please keep in mind that these dimensions refer to the vehicle itself, not the cargo space. If your intention is to lay a mattress flat in your SUV, we suggest the following recommendations:

  • Ensure there is a gap between the width of your SUV and the mattress.
  • Lower the second row of seats.
  • Always verify by measuring the length and width of your cargo space.

Will I be able to fit a full-size mattress in an SUV?

If you're curious about whether a full-size mattress can fit in an SUV, the answer is most likely yes. As mentioned earlier, a standard full-size mattress measures 54" x 75", making it highly probable to be able to lay it flat inside an SUV when the second and third rows of seats are lowered. Nevertheless, we recommend double-checking by measuring the cargo space of your SUV.

Will I be able to fit a twin mattress in an SUV?

When it comes to size, a twin mattress is slightly smaller than a full or double mattress, making it a convenient fit for a standard SUV.

Tips for fitting a mattress in an SUV

While a standard SUV is generally more spacious than a car, it presents certain challenges for fitting in a mattress due to the presence of seats, whether collapsible or not, and a divider between the back seat and the trunk.

Despite being less flexible than blankets or comforters, mattresses can still be folded to fit inside the SUV. To keep your mattress folded, consider using ratchet straps for secure fastening.

If there is sufficient space available, you can also opt to place the mattress flat on the floor of the SUV.

Woman lifting the corner of a mattress.

Can a queen mattress fit in a minivan?

Minivans are smaller vans characterized by their high roof and versatile interior design, often featuring sliding doors for easy access to the cargo or passenger area.

The typical dimensions of a minivan's cargo area are as follows:

Minivan Type Average dimension WxLxH (Inches)
Compact van 59” x 87” x 49”
Combi and double cab-in van 57” x 71” x 49”
Combi and double cab-in van extra long 57” x 85” x 49”

As a standard queen mattress has a dimension of 60" W x 80" L, it can’t fit flat into a minivan. A double or full-size mattress would be more appropriate for a minivan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a full-size mattress fit in a Ford Edge?

In a Ford Edge, the cargo area dimension from the back of the vehicle to the first-row seats measures approximately 63.3" x 74.8".

Considering that the average dimensions of a full-size mattress are 54" x 75", you should be able to fit a full-sized mattress inside a Ford Edge with some adjustment and maneuvering.

Can a queen mattress fit in a Mazda CX-5?

2020 Mazda CX5 has a cargo length of 71 inches with seats down and a width of 54 inches at its widest point, the dimensions being 54” x 71”.

As a standard queen mattress has a dimension of 60” x 80”, it cannot fit into a Mazda CX-5 vehicle.

Can a queen mattress fit in a RAV4?

The Toyota RAV4 offers a cargo length of 40 inches behind the rear seats and a cargo width of 59 inches when the back seats are folded, resulting in dimensions of approximately 40" x 59".

Since a standard queen mattress measures 60" x 80", it will not fit within the cargo space of the RAV4.

Will a queen mattress fit in a Hyundai Santa Fe?

The 2019 Hyundai Santa Fe provides a cargo space that is approximately 71.3 inches in length when the rear seats are folded, with a width of 78 inches at the back of the console.

A standard queen mattress, with dimensions of 60" x 80", may fit inside the Hyundai Santa Fe when properly maneuvered.

Can a queen-size mattress fit in a Dodge Caravan?

A Dodge Caravan provides a cargo length of 90 inches and a width of 63.6 inches when the second and third-row seats are folded.

It is possible for a standard queen-sized mattress measuring 60” x 80” to fit inside the vehicle.

Can a queen mattress fit in a Honda Pilot?

The Honda Pilot offers a storage space width of 50 inches and a length of 77 inches from the back door to the end of the front seat. Unfortunately, a standard queen mattress with dimensions of 60" x 80" will not fit inside the vehicle.

Will a king-size mattress fit in a Honda Odyssey?

When the seats are flipped down, the Honda Odyssey provides a cargo area with a length of 96 inches and a width of 49 inches. A standard king-size mattress measuring 76” x 80” will not fit in the cargo area unless it is folded.

Best mattress options to consider for SUV camping

If you are preparing for an SUV camping adventure and in need of a suitable RV mattress, there are several options available. You can choose a mattress specifically designed for camping purposes or consider a high-quality memory foam mattress such as the Origin mattress by Polysleep. The Origin mattress features anti-microbial hybrid foam, which offers both comfort and support while providing anti-allergy properties to ensure a comfortable and safe camping experience.

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