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Do cooling mattress pads really work and how to choose one?
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Young woman lying in Polysleep's PolyCool thermoregulator bed


Do cooling mattress pads really work and how to choose one?

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If you are a hot sleeper, you could turn your fan on high and still wake up sweaty in the morning. You know that this can keep you from feeling refreshed and interfere with your ability to get your best sleep.

Luckily, you can get a cooling mattress pad for bed comfort.

How do you choose the best cooling mattress pad for your needs? And do they really work?

We assure you that the right one does.

In this article, your Canadian mattress specialists at Polysleep tell you everything about cooling mattress toppers and how to choose the right one.

What Is a Cooling Mattress Pad?

Woman with her face half-covered by her white bed sheet

A cooling mattress pad is a thin foam pad that sits on top of your mattress and literally prevents you from getting hot while you sleep. 

The great thing about mattress pads is that you can add them to your existing mattress easily

If you love your mattress and find it comfortable, you don’t have to go out and buy a new one. Just look for a mattress pad that suits your needs and lay it on top of your mattress. Dress your bed and, voila! 

That thin mattress pad can accomplish all kinds of things to improve your sleep at night. 

If you get hot while you sleep, a cooling mattress topper or pad is just what you need. They are easy to use and come in all kinds of materials and multiple thicknesses for your personal comfort level. 

What is a mattress topper?

How Does a Cooling Mattress Pad Work?

Side view of a young woman stretching at sunrise in the morning

Cooling mattress pads work to keep you cool while you sleep using a few different methods. 

Depending on how hot you get when you sleep and what kind of sleeping material makes you the most comfortable, your cooling mattress topper or pad may work in a number of ways. 

  • Some are made with super breathable materials like cotton that passively keep you cool by allowing airflow. 
  • Others include a gel formula that draws heat away and wicks sweat from your body while you sleep to regulate temperature.
  • Certain versions are infused with technology that keeps them cool to the touch and works to actively cool off your mattress and your body. 

Some memory foam mattresses have individually wrapped coils that are designed to maintain cool temperatures. And sometimes other methods are used. This is the case with the Zephyr Mattress (our most premium mattress), which has a unique technology to regulate temperature.

The Polysleep cooling topper, called the PolyCool Topper, is a cooling mattress pad made in Canada. 

The PolyCool Topper works to find the perfect temperature balance your body needs to stay comfortable while you sleep.

Woman sleeping sideways on Polysleep bed including PolyCool mattress topper

Who Should Buy a Cooling Mattress Pad?

Anyone who gets hot at night should buy one. 

If you struggle with uncomfortably warm conditions at night, no matter what season it is, a cooling mattress pad is for you.

They also add to the comfort of your mattress. 

Additionally, mattress pads and toppers add an extra layer between you and your mattress, meaning your mattress is even more protected from any debris, liquids, and other pollutants. 

How to Choose the Right Cooling Mattress Topper?

A folded corner of the PolyCool mattress topper

Since so many people can relate to the feeling of waking up in the middle of the night sweaty and uncomfortable, there are a lot of cooling mattress toppers available on the market. 

So, how do you choose the right one for you? The following features and aspects will likely have a major impact on your decision. 


You can buy cooling mattress toppers and pads in several different materials:

A cooling memory foam mattress topper is perfect for someone who needs added support. Memory foam cooling mattress toppers provide maximum comfort and relieve pressure from areas of the body that frequently ache.

Polyfoam is similar to memory foam but less dense. Polyfoam cooling mattress toppers are less constricting and allow for lots of airflow.

A cooling gel mattress topper often incorporates both gel and foam, so you get comfort and pressure relief along with added gel that regulates body temperature.

Latex is durable and less prone to sagging than foam. Latex cooling mattress toppers are supportive, comfortable, and breathable for cool sleeping.

Wool and cotton are organic materials for cooling mattress toppers. These materials are comfortable and promote lots of airflow, so heat does not get trapped.

Each different cooling mattress topper has its own unique advantages. 

You can typically choose your cooling pad to match the materials of your mattress if you want to stick with a tried-and-true favorite. Or you can branch out based on what offers you the most impressive cooling properties. 

Firmness Level

If you are looking for a firm mattress topper, you will want to choose one that is made of memory foam, hybrid foam, polyfoam, or latex. These materials are known for being firm and supportive. 

If you like your mattress pads to be less firm, consider one of the other options.

Plus, if you already have a topper of which you like the firmness, our PolyCool topper can be put on top of it. So convenient!

Learn more about firmness in this guide

A happy woman lying in her comfortable bed

Thickness Level

You have free reign over how thick you want your topper to be. Keep in mind that you will be adding it onto your existing mattress, so you do not want the combination to be too high. 

Cooling mattress toppers can be a couple of inches thick to over a foot thick!

Pressure Relief

As mentioned above, foam mattress pads are great for pressure relief. Memory foam has long been a favorite for people who suffer from back pain, neck pain, and aches and pains of all kinds. 

If you want pressure relief, consider a memory foam or polyfoam cooling mattress pad. 


Mattress pads can vary in price. You can find very affordable ones for less than $50, or very expensive ones for over $1,000.00. Luckily, you can find a great topper somewhere between $100 to $300. 

Natural organic materials are always more expensive, so if budget is a major factor, check out synthetic materials that are often more affordable.

How to Wash a Cooling Mattress Topper?

Close-up of the semi-folded PolyCool thermoregulating mattress topper

Once you choose the best cooling mattress pad, you will want to know how to wash it. It might seem difficult to keep clean since it’s designed to wick sweat away from you, but it’s actually quite simple! 

  • Some mattress toppers are machine washable.
  • For others, spray them down with a mixture of water and distilled white vinegar to sanitize, then let dry completely.
  • You can also sprinkle baking soda on your mattress pad and let it sit for as long as possible, then vacuum the baking soda up. 

Always check your specific manufacturer’s instructions so you do not damage your cooling mattress pad. 

Since there are so many available on the market, the method for cleaning one may be vastly different from cleaning another. 

What Makes the PolyCool Topper One of the Best on the Market?

The PolyCool mattress topper half-folded in a round shape on the Polysleep mattress

If you are looking for a cooling mattress pad made in Canada, consider our PolyCool Topper. 

Polysleep’s PolyCool Topper includes a ¼-inch thick layer of foam that specifically balances variations in body temperature while you sleep. You are more likely to sleep through the entire night without interruptions!

  • With the PolyCool Topper, you have the power to use either side of the topper to get more or less cooling power. Basically, you have the power of two cooling toppers in one.
  • Using the Kulkote technology, the PolyCool Topper stores the heat it extracts from you when you get hot and can then use it to keep you warm when you get cold.
  • Its hybrid foam is antimicrobial, which means it fights the growth of bacteria. This keeps your sleeping space clean, sanitary, and can even extend the life of your mattress. 

Polysleep’s PolyCool Topper features medical-grade foam, and every Polysleep mattress is made with social responsibility and environmental impact in mind. 

All of Polysleep’s products are proudly made in Canada and the PolyCool is no different. 

This cooling mattress pad made in Canada is local to Montreal.

Discover the PolyCool mattress topper from Polysleep now!

The PolyCool mattress topper extended over the Polysleep mattress

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