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How to Choose a Suitable Mattress Protector?
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How to choose mattress protector


How to Choose a Suitable Mattress Protector?

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The little mishaps of everyday life can happen everywhere, even in the bedroom; thios is the reason whya mattress protectoris an indispensable part of your bedding. An essential way to protect your mattress from stains, dirt and allergens, it offers ideal protection for your bed, and helps you sleep better!

Wondering how to choose your mattress protector? Here are the main elements to consider.

Why Should You Protect Your Mattress?

This discreet bedding protector is not only useful for preventing mattress stains (although it does have that function). A mattress protector is essential for maintaining your sleep hygiene.

A big advantage of mattress protectors is that they are machine washable. As we know, a mattress can't go through the washing machine, so this protector helps absorb dirt instead of the mattress. In this way your mattress is preserved from the accumulation of stains, moisture and many other harmful elements. By washing your mattress cover regularly, you can maintain a clean and healthy sleeping surface!

In addition, the mattress protector:

  • Extends the life of the mattress;

  • Absorbs moisture and perspiration;

  • Reduces the risk of allergies;

  • Prevents the development of dust mites, fungi and bacteria.

What Are the Different Types of Mattress Protectors?

mattress protector types

On the market, you will find three sizes of mattress protectors:

  • Fitted sheet type: covers your mattress like a fitted sheet;

  • Tray shape: large square fabric with ends that tuck under the corners of the mattress;

  • Full mattress cover: covers the entire mattress and closes with a zipper.

For easy care and stability during sleep, we recommend the fitted sheet type. Adjusted to the size of your mattress, this type of mattress protector will remain stable while you sleep. In addition, it will be both simple and quick to remove when you want to wash it!

How to Choose Your Mattress Protector: The 4 Steps

To accompany you effectively during your sleep, we suggest you choose your mattress protector according to 4 main criteria:

  1. Size and Composition

First, check to see if the mattress protector fits the size of your bed. Most mattress protectors generally come in sizes Twin through King.

Next, this bedding should suit your compositional preferences. Look at the materials used in the protector and lining (often polyester, elastane or 100% cotton).

Also, make sure that no treatment has been done with products that are harmful to your health!

  1. Water Absorption and Resistance

During the night, some sleepers tend to sweat. The mattress protector plays an important role in this case.

  1. Firstly, it absorbs perspiration and avoids an accumulation of moisture on the mattress that can cause yellow stains.

  2. Secondly, it preserves the sleep of the sleeper, who won’t suddenly find himself on a wet surface which would disturb his night.

Choose your mattress protector based on its absorption capacity and its resistance to perspiration and humidity.

Also, check how waterproof it is! A waterproof mattress protector will be useful if you want to avoid water penetration. If there are regular accidents, you will avoid damage to the foam over time.

  1. Ventilation

For a soft and breathable sleep, the air circulation of the mattress cover is also essential. It not only helps you sleep better, but also allows the mattress to breathe during the night.

  1. Comfort and Maintenance

Beware of noisy materials! Some mattress protectors are made of materials that can disturb noise-sensitive sleepers. For a discreet mattress protector, check the fabric used and choose natural materials.

Finally, to get the most out of your bedding protection, make sure your mattress protector is machine washable and dryable. This will allow you to manageany accidents easily, and get back to enjoying your protection in no time.

Polysleep: A Mattress Protector for Every Lifestyle

bedding protection

Designed to meet the needs of all sleepers, the Polysleep Mattress Protector guarantees the highest quality sleep. In addition to being antibacterial and antimicrobial, it protects  against liquids, dust and dust mites.

Made in Montreal, the Polysleep Mattress Protector also has the advantage of being breathable, soft and resistant. It is thermoregulating and hypoallergenic. Thanks to SilverClear® technology, it keeps the mattress clean, fresh and odorless.

Ready to improve your sleeping experience? Check out our offers to protect your mattress and improve your nights!


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