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How to Start a Healthy Morning Routine
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How to Start a Healthy Morning Routine


How to Start a Healthy Morning Routine

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Having a healthy morning routine can set the stage for having a peaceful, productive rest of your day. 

There is no one, single set of healthy morning habits that will work for everyone. What makes a good morning routine for one person may totally not work for someone else. 

Best morning routine

Before you can know what your morning routine should look like, ask yourself what you want to get out of your daily routine. 

What are your goals? What makes you happy? How much time do you have?

These questions are only a few of the many that factor into what your best morning routine will look like. Still, there are a few healthy morning habits we can all benefit from. 

Here are some key components to establishing a great morning routine.

1. Set an alarm - and don’t snooze

A healthy morning routine starts with setting an alarm the night before. Be sure to choose a waking time that will allow you to get a full eight hours of sleep. 

Once you decide what time to wake up, stick with it. Consistency is key to any routine. Face the day head-on by waking upright with your alarm. 

Starting the day can be hard. Who wants to get out of a cozy, warm bed? As tempting as it may be to hit the snooze, you should resist. 

There is no sense in putting off the inevitable, and those extra five minutes of sleep will not leave you feeling more well-rested. 

2. Eat a well-balanced breakfast 

Experts agree that the crucial first step in a healthy morning routine is to eat a healthy breakfast. Nourishing your body is essential to prepare yourself to handle whatever the day will bring. A healthy breakfast should include whole grains, lean protein, and fruits or veggies.

3. Exercise 

Exercising first thing in the morning has many benefits, like increased energy and better sleep at night. It will also boost your ability to focus throughout the day.

Your morning workout doesn’t have to mean hitting the gym or jogging if that is not your cup of tea. Try yoga, taking a brisk walk, riding a bike, or even just stretching thoroughly.  

4. Take a cold shower 

Cold showers are a great way to wake yourself up. Start your shower with cold water for a jolt of energy. Once you feel refreshed, you can turn the hot water up.

After the initial shock of the cold water, you will appreciate the warmth far more. Additionally, cold showers can strengthen your immune system. 

Research suggests that cold showers may also reduce symptoms of depression.

Adding a cold shower to your morning routine thus benefits both physical and mental health. Your body and mind will thank you. 

5. Meditate 

The mornings are the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on the coming day. Starting your day intentionally and peacefully will lead you to be productive, focused, and mindful of what you want to achieve.

Mediation does not have to entail intense, extended silence. You can find a few meditative moments by relishing in the smell and sound of fresh coffee brewing, for example. 

You can also try journaling. Write down a few goals, a few things you are looking forward to, and a few affirmations. This will put you in a positive mindset and add clarity to your morning work routine. 

6. Make your bed 

Feeling motivated to cross tasks off of your to-do list is a struggle for many. One way to start your day on the right foot is to make your bed right after you get out of it. It only takes a few minutes, and once you are done, you will have completed your first task of the day! 

Making your bed will encourage you to complete another task. This sense of achievement can carry you through a productive day. 

Sticking to your healthy morning routine

Best morning routine to stick to

The most important part of creating a healthy morning routine is to make these good habits a regular part of your everyday. 

As I said before, consistency is key. You have the power to determine the course of your day. Do not let unexpected stresses or problems ruin your day. 

Instead, take control and turn your morning into an opportunity to get ahead of whatever the rest of the day will hold. 


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