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How to Use the Law of Attraction Before Bed and as You Wake Up
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How to use law of attraction


How to Use the Law of Attraction Before Bed and as You Wake Up

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Are you putting in your best effort to achieve your goals but not seeing results? Let me show you how to use the law of attraction to manifest your dreams. 

You have probably heard or seen the law of attraction movie "The Secret." After it was released, many people around the world have used the law of attraction to attract financial abundance.

It hasn't been scientifically proven, yet, but many thinkers, such as Joe Vitale, advance that this is universal law and you attract what you focus your energy on.

 I recommend working with the law using the powerful concept of the "transmitter" (below), as it has worked for me. I use it before bed and as I wake up.

It can help you to improve aspects of your life. So take the plunge into the world of possibility and let’s get started.

Create a “Transmitter” to Activate the Law of Attraction

In his law of attraction book “The Creation Frequency,” Mike Murphy offers readers a guide on how to create a “transmitter”, which you can use to reach your goals.  

By a transmitter, Mike Murphy means taking a recording of what you wish to attract and listening to it first thing in the morning and before bed. By regularly focusing your attention on what you desire, you activate the law of attraction.

So follow these steps below and you will have a powerful manifestation tool. It will have power beyond what gratitude journaling, law of attraction affirmations, and other tools can do.  

how to activate the law of attraction

Step #1: Define your intentions

The first step in manifesting the world of your desires is to have a clear idea of what it is. There is no way to manifest your dreams until you become aware of your thoughts and dreams.

When defining your intention, avoid the past tense and all language that reflect your negative thoughts. Instead, write in the present tense with positive language.

For example, do not write “I will not make the same financial mistakes in the new year.” This just won’t work. It is impractical and does not indicate what you want your future to look like. 

Instead, write “it is the new year and I'm feeling so joyful growing and prospering with ten thousands in my savings account. Thank you.” 

Here, the statement is positive, detailed, and aligns with your goals. 

You should also include feeling words. Your thoughts and feelings are very important to the process. If you don’t already have one, develop a good vocabulary for expressing your emotions.

Write with an attitude of gratitude and without judgment. You are grateful for what you have manifested and you value yourself for your effort. 

Do not limit yourself to what you “think” is possible. Simply put, everything is possible! If you have high goals, let them be high. Do not minimize your dreams by harshly judging your own capabilities.

Step #2: Write a story

When you are writing down what you intend to achieve, make it into a story. 

For those with experience creating narratives, this may be easy. For others, learning how to craft a story could help you immensely. 

In your story, make sure that you answer the following questions:

  • When my intention has come to fruition, what life will I create?

  • How will I feel when I have achieved this goal?

  • What emotions do I experience when I imagine achieving my intention?

  • When I imagine my dream becoming reality, where do I visualize myself being? 

  • How does my manifestation affect the people around me? What will my loved ones do or say?

Answer each and every one of those questions. Do not skip over any. They are worth it.

Step #3: Create your transmitter

So, you have written your intention as a powerful, descriptive story, full of emotion and detail. Now, you are ready to create your transmitter. 

To do this, you will need to take a recording of the intention story you wrote. The recording will act as your transmitter, converting your intention into electromagnetic waves. 

These waves will be sent out into the metaphysical realm, communicating your goals to the ether. This all may sound crazy, but trust me: it works. 

You can record yourself using the default recorder app on your phone or laptop.

Step #4: Find your sound

There are unique sound waves that support creation. 

In the Vedic tradition, it’s the sound “Om.” In some Native American cultures, it is called the “Song of the Creator.” 

The ancient Greek philosopher Plato believed that musical intervals and ratios dictated how the cosmos came to be. 

Whatever belief system you prefer, you can’t deny that music is made up of sounds and sounds are made up of waves. There is a clear connection between music and the transmission of positive energy. 

On top of that, all these sounds have one thing in common: they vibrate between 4 and 8 Hz. These sound waves, also called theta waves, are very important. 

The particulars of the science of sound are tangential, but there are some important facts about theta waves you should know. These waves are known to be associated with sleep, especially the rapid eye movement or REM phase, as well as meditation and creativity. 

Adding theta waves to the background of your intention recording will boost your signal to the heavens, so to speak. 

So, go find yourself some background music with theta waves and put it on while you record. 

Step #5: Have a relaxation script handy

Before you get to recording your intention audio, it is best to find a script that will help you guide your body through the relaxation process. 

Here is one script you might find useful for this. Once you have achieved a fully relaxed state, new doors will open up for you. You will enter the world of manifestation, where your wildest dreams are possible. 

Step #6: Record

At this point, you are ready to record. Set aside some time to get into the right headspace and immerse yourself in the process. 

Once you are finished, you have yourself a transmitter!

As you record yourself, make sure to speak in a slow, calming tone. Leave intentional pauses in the reading to give your future self time to reflect and absorb. 

It is crucial not to rush, especially when you are reading your relaxation script. 

Remember that your aim is to transmit good energy through your body with the sound of your voice. As you read, embody the emotions you felt when you wrote your intention story. 

Step #7: Listen to it

The last step is to listen to your recording.

To maximize your results, listen at night, when you are getting ready to fall asleep. And first thing in the morning, immediately after waking.

These are the best times to listen and can be part of your healthy morning routine and your sleep routine.

During these times of day, your body naturally falls into a “theta state”. You can listen to your recording as often as you would like.

You might find that after a short while, you know your story by heart and no longer need it. Give it some time, be consistent, and wait for results to roll in. Every single word will manifest around you.


The key to this entire process is just one word: love. With that in mind, the law of attraction works.

Law of attraction love

All of your manifestation should be in service of love. It is the highest form of energy. 

So ask yourself: how can I serve love through my intentions? How can I be a channel for love? 


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