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Need a miracle product to sleep better? The Polysleep mattress!
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A woman is stretching her back on the Polysleep mattress


Need a miracle product to sleep better? The Polysleep mattress!

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If you have trouble sleeping, it might be because your mattress needs to be changed. If you’ve had the same mattress since college or since the last millennium (ouch!), visit our online mattress store to find the Polysleep mattress that’ll best suit your criteria in terms of budget and size! Not only will you enjoy an outstanding online shopping experience, but you’ll receive your mattress in a box to your home, just a few days after submitting your order! If you’re looking for a foam mattress, the great number of positive reviews about our Polysleep mattresses will undoubtedly convince you to try it!


The Best Foam Mattress?

Many companies boast of having the best foam mattress on the market; and while we’re convinced that we offer a product of great quality, we’re also aware that the best type of mattress is the one on which you feel the most comfortable.

A cute dog is sleeping on the Polysleep Mattress

How does the Polysleep Mattress help you Sleep?

We’ve worked very hard to provide you with the most comfortable product there is; here are a few arguments to tip the balance in our favour.


A Trial Period of 100 Nights

It's impossible to figure out in 4 minutes if a mattress you tried in a store will suit you, and for 2 reasons: first, that mattress is a demo and might’ve been tested by dozens of people, so it could have sagged a little, and secondly, because it takes at least 2 to 3 weeks for your body to get used to a new mattress. By taking advantage of our trial period of 100 nights, you’ll be able to order your mattress online without worry, and if you don’t like it, you’ll just have to return it and we’ll give you a refund*!


It’s Hypoallergenic

Thanks to its hybrid viscoelastic foam, antimicrobial and anti-mould, our mattress allows to significantly reduce allergies.


It provides Excellent Support

The different foam layers of the Polysleep mattress not only provide outstanding support, but they also contribute to the reduction of sleep-related pain by moulding itself to the shape of your body. Yep, hybrid viscoelastic foam detects pressure points and lowers the firmness and temperature of these precise spots in a few seconds.


It offers Unique Features

In addition to its viscoelastic foam layer, the Polysleep mattress has an extra-firm frame, unique on the market, that prevents the edges of the mattress from flattening. By maintaining its shape for longer, it’ll provide you with the most restful sleep for many years!

A woman is testing the Polysleep Mattress

How to sleep well?

Adopting a healthy lifestyle, i.e., maintaining a healthy diet, a stable routine and practicing quiet activities in the evening, and also owning a good mattress are generally enough to enjoy a restful night’s sleep. To find out more about our brand and about products that we propose to sleep better—such as our Polysleep mattresses and pillows—browse the various sections of our website!


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