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What is the best type of mattress? Springs, Latex or Foam?
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What is the best type of mattress? Springs, Latex or Foam?

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Identifying the best type of mattress is a question that’s personal to each; if some only swear by spring mattresses, others wouldn’t change their latex mattress or their memory foam mattress for anything in the world. Polysleep offers a viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress that is gaining popularity among buyers thanks to the quality of sleep it provides. To see why our Polysleep mattress is different from other mattresses, let's take a look at various features of each of these products!


Spring Mattress

The type that most of us grew up on—and jumped on, obviously! —springs mattresses are still widely used in the industry, and are available in different models with a range of prices that goes from very affordable to very expensive. But with those, it’s hard or even impossible to get consistent support, because of the various pressure points. You will not sleep as well and there is a higher risk of waking up with aches in your joints. Finally, spring mattresses lose more than 15 % support during their first year of use.


Latex Mattress

There are 2 types of latex mattresses: natural and synthetic. While the former, as its name indicates, is almost exclusively made of natural latex, the latter contains a higher or lower quantity of polyurethane, a petrol-based derivative. Also, this type of mattress is among the most expensive on the market; what good is great support if you lose sleep thinking about the money you spent?


Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are increasingly in demand on the market; we like their firmness—as well as the fact that the Polysleep mattress features zero motion transfer - you won’t feel it when your loved one moves! But beware, because not all memory foam mattresses are equals in terms of quality.

The Polysleep mattress, for its part, is a ventilated viscoelastic hybrid foam mattress that allows for good air circulation to keep you cool all night. It also perfectly moulds itself to your body and identifies pressure points in a few seconds, to then relax the firmness and lower the temperature of these areas.

Another advantage of the Polysleep mattresses: their price. Because there is no intermediary and our mattresses go directly from our manufacture to your home, you’ll pay a fair price for a product of high quality. Even more, it’ll be delivered rolled in an easy-to-carry box! If you hesitate at the thought of buying a mattress in a box, you should know that you’ll get a trial period of 100 nights; if you don’t like your mattress, we’ll come get it from your home and give you a full refund, without any questions!

So, what is the best type of mattress for you? Before you decide, make sure you’ve tested the Polysleep mattress!


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