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The Bloom Mattresses vs Polysleep Mattresses
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The Polysleep Mattress vs The Bloom Mattress


The Bloom Mattresses vs Polysleep Mattresses

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Bloom mattresses are good mattresses. Yes, you read that right! That’s what we believe at Polysleep. We’ve examined how they’re made. At Polysleep, looking into good students in our field, such as Bloom, allows us to see what’s being accomplished out there and to surpass ourselves on each mattress we design and manufacture, and even more! So, discover right now the Polysleep mattress difference, and see their advantages over Bloom mattresses, by continuing to read here below!


Bloom mattresses: foam mattresses of conventional built.


Bloom mattresses are good foam mattresses, but their design is quite conventional. Let’s look at them layer by layer, if you want. And let’s start with the layer closest to you and your spouse (or your mini tiger) when you sleep: the mattress protector.


Bloom mattress covers are either made of Jacquard (Bloom Earth mattress) or organic cotton (Bloom Mist, Bloom Air and Bloom Cloud mattresses). In both cases, liquid resistance was clearly not on the agenda! If you eat, sleep and perform other kinds of activities we shall not name once the kids or the cat is asleep, your mattress might suffer the hazards of your active life as soon as the first days!


Let’s now tackle the layer just below. It’s either made of gel memory foam (Bloom Earth and Mist mattresses), aerated memory foam (Bloom Air mattress) or aerated gel memory foam (Bloom Cloud mattress). In any case, you’ll sleep at the right temperature, which is already a good start. But we live in a cold country. And low temperatures don’t mix well with memory foam: in winter, until the foam warms up and starts to conform to the shape of your body, you’ll feel like you’re lying on a granite bedrock for the first minutes (don’t throw yourself on the bed, you could break a leg!). More seriously, the feeling of hardness caused by memory foam at bedtime during cold weather is far from pleasant. So, something to keep in mind when opting for a Bloom mattress.


As for the third layer, it’s made from gel memory foam for the Earth, Mist and Air models, while the Cloud mattress model is made up of a three zoned construction that is similar to the Zephyr from Polysleep. But the former is made from Dunlop latex while the Zephyr uses denser viscoelastic foam for adapted support and comfort at the hip level. In passing, you should note that the Earth and Mist mattresses have four layers in total, while the Air and Cloud mattresses have five. That’s a good thing to know when it’ll come to choose the best balance of support/comfort for your mattress!


Where Bloom mattresses are at their most conventional in terms of design is on the edges, which aren’t reinforced at all. The various layers take up the whole width of the bed, which means that the firmness on its edges is exactly the same as in the center. Yet we all know it at Polysleep: your bed is used for sleeping of course, but it also serves as a seat to look up your phone’s morning notifications (did the beautiful Kim answer me?), or to tie up your laces before you scurry off to work. That inevitably puts stress on the foam layers of the mattress. Because of that, your mattress, if its sides are not reinforced, will change its shape over time to end up looking like a receipt at the bottom of a pocket. In a nutshell: no reinforcement on the edges = less mattress longevity!


Polysleep mattresses: an innovative and rewarding approach for the ULTIMATE sleep!


Foam layers used in a Polysleep mattress


At Polysleep, we do things differently. And that starts with our mattress protectors, which are the most advanced in the industry.


In fact, the covers of the Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses are liquid repellent, which gives you time to wipe off both the morning coffee you spilled last Tuesday while reading the news and the wine glass your significant other toppled during your last date. But that’s not all, since the Zephyr’s cover uses Nanobionic technology: it absorbs the positive infrared heat your body emits and redirects it into your system to reduce your fatigue. The result: you wake up full of energy just like your phone’s battery, recharged at 100%!


But our Polysleep innovations regarding our mattresses don’t stop there. The foam we use for our beds is antimicrobial! So, goodbye dust mites and other very allergenic bacteria. But wait before you jump for joy, the good news are not over. In truth, the foam we use in both Polysleep mattresses just mentioned above is breathable, making sure that you’ll always sleep at the right temperature, summer and winter alike! On top of that, it’s a hybrid foam, which is a different ballgame: in winter, the foam doesn’t need your warmth to be comfortable, as opposed to the memory foam in Bloom mattresses. The result, you won’t feel like you’re lying on bricks for the first minutes on your mattress! You’ll fall asleep faster.


Finally, THE Polysleep characteristic: the extra-firm support frame of the Polysleep and Zephyr models. Exclusive to our mattresses and unique in the industry, it surrounds the edges of your mattress vertically and then prevents it from prematurely flattening. Meaning that it substantially extends the lifespan of your mattress!


And when you think there can’t be any more good news, well there’s more! The Zephyr mattress, as mentioned above, has targeted supported at the hip level, which need a different support. You’ll tell us that this curiously resembles one of the Bloom mattresses, and you’ll be right at first. But the devil is in the details! Although the Cloud mattress contains a specific Dunlop foam section that is the same thickness than the rest of the viscoelastic gel layer, that is, 1 inch, at Polysleep, we did it slightly differently: our central layer is located in a “hollow” space in the foam that supports your legs and your shoulders, and so has beneath a fine layer of this same foam that supports the center layer intended for your hips. So, you get an even better suited support with the boost of support given by our exclusive structure.


Conclusion: Bloom mattresses are good, Polysleep mattresses are better!


Ultimately, we maintain what we were saying at the beginning at Polysleep: Bloom mattresses are good equipment. But Polysleep mattresses, with their innovative approach in terms of structure and foam, are better!


Here are the primary points to remember.

  • Bloom mattresses:
  • Have a conventional construction of superposed layers, a structure found everywhere in the foam mattress industry.
  • Don’t include a spill-proof cover. So, no late morning breakfast in bed with Ms. or Mr.!
  • Have no specific reinforcement on the edges, which can lead to premature flattening of the mattress, and so a shorter service life.
  • Use gel memory foam as a technology: you’ll always sleep at the right temperature of course, but during cold weather, the mattress will be hard as stone until your body warmth softens the foam.


  • For their part, Polysleep mattresses:
  • Are made of viscoelastic foam, which has the advantage of being comfortable as soon as you lay down.
  • Include a liquid repellent cover on the Polysleep and Zephyr models, giving you time to wipe spills with a Scott towel.
  • Are very breathable! So, you’ll sleep at the right temperature at all times.
  • Contain, for the Polysleep and Zephyr mattresses, an exclusive ultra-firm reinforced frame to keep the mattress from flattening prematurely. Your mattress will last for longer!
  • Include, for the Zephyr mattress, a transitional layer that contains denser foam with adapted support for your hips, filling a “hollowed out” space at the center of this layer made of a viscoelastic foam of different support, for unparalleled support.


As we say: “Now you know!” So, all that’s left for you to do is to place your order directly on our website, and we’ll deliver the selected model directly to your door. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Lady sleeping on a Polysleep mattress with her head resting on a Polysleep pillow.

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