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Comparison of the Leesa Mattress and the Polysleep Mattress
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Leesa vs Polysleep mattress comparison


Comparison of the Leesa Mattress and the Polysleep Mattress

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Your old mattress just passed away. May it rest in peace. But there's no time to mourn its death, because you've got to sleep tonight. That's when you start looking for the one that will take its place for the next years. After walking into a Hudson's Bay store, then a West Elm and finally a Pottery Barn, the same mattress manufacturer pops up every time: Leesa. This name haunts you, since it's phonetically pronounced like your favourite Simpsons character. But you also know about Polysleep and its now must-have foam mattresses. And the choice is becoming difficult as well as pressing. Well, not so much if you read this comparison between Polysleep mattresses and Leesa mattresses here below!

Leesa mattresses: two classic design models

Even at Polysleep, we take Leesa mattresses seriously. They’re well designed, and that's a fact! This manufacturer, which we have of course studied closely, offers two mattresses:

The Leesa Original foam mattress, which features three superposed layers of foam:

  • A first 2” comfort layer of LSA200 foam with cooling properties, providing very adapted pressure relief for side sleepers.

  • A second layer just below, called “recovery” layer, in memory foam and 2” thickness.

  • A 6” support layer in dense foam below that, the role of which is to support the sleeper.

The Leesa Hybrid model. This mattress, as its name indicates, uses foam and pocket springs, and has a total of 5 layers:

  • A 1.5” thick top layer made of cooling Avena foam.

  • A second memory foam layer with the same thickness.

  • A third that serves as a base, made of 1” thick foam.

  • A 6” layer made with just pocket springs, the size of which varies between the edges and the center of the mattress.

  • A final support layer of 1” foam.

You now know just as much as we do about Leesa mattresses! Let's move on to Polysleep foam mattresses!

Polysleep mattresses: four foam mattresses, always state-of-the-art support!

At Polysleep, we’re just as serious, if not more! We have to be when you know that Leesa (not your ex, the manufacturer we mean!) is the exclusive mattress brand at West Elm stores! But if you look at our range, you'll see that we didn't do things by halves!

That's why at Polysleep, we offer four models of foam mattresses:


The Origin mattress from Polysleep

The Origin model which offers a breathable cover, is made of antimicrobial open-cell foam and an extremely durable bed base made of high-density foam.

The Poysleep mattress, by Polysleep

The Polysleep model which is made up of a top layer of breathable hybrid foam, a central layer that ensures transition between the first one and the final layer, which is the base and made with high-density foam.

The entire structure is reinforced by ultra-firm edges to prevent premature flattening out of the mattress.

The Zephyr mattress, by Polysleep

The Zephyr model with a topper that uses GelFlex Plus technology, is made up of memory foam. The layer just below features open-cell foam to further facilitate air flow, while the transitional layer that comes under provides targeted support for the hips. Lastly, the final layer serves as a base and is made with high-density foam for unequaled durability. 

On top of that, the reinforced edges of the Polysleep mattress are reintroduced on the Zephyr, thus strengthening its structure.

Polysleep's baby mattress. It is Parent Tested, Parent Approved. 

The Baby model, so that little Patrick can sleep with the same comfort as his parents. It is composed of a first ventilated layer. The foam used has been designed to provide the optimum balance between firmness and support. This way, your little one will sleep better, and so will you! 

“Let’s get ready to rumble!”: the Leesa Mattress vs Polysleep Mattress match is starting!


Wider choice of mattresses, support and price range with Polysleep.


Let's first look at the pre-game statistics, i.e. the number of options proposed by Leesa and Polysleep, as well as their content. The clear favourite on this score is Polysleep, which offers no less than four mattresses, three of which are for adults and one specifically for babies. With only two models to choose from, Leesa enters the ring with a greater handicap.

The same applies when it comes to the support offered by the two manufacturers. At Polysleep, you will be able to choose THE mattress that suits you best, with support that is perfectly adapted to your preferences and the different needs of the various parts of your body. This is what the Zephyr mattress offers you, providing you with personalized support at the hip level for an optimal position when you sleep!

Lastly, the price. For adult mattresses, prices start at $790 for the Leesa Original foam mattress, and $1,290 for the Leesa Hybrid mattress. At Polysleep, you can enjoy the perfect comfort-to-support ratio that is typical of our mattresses, starting at $495 for our Origin mattress. At the other end of the spectrum, our Zephyr mattress starts at $1,475. In the middle, you'll find our classic Polysleep model starting at $695.

So there is something for every budget with the Polysleep foam mattresses!

Round 1: Polysleep mattresses winner by TKO for their durability and comfort!


Polysleep: ultra-firm edges to prevent flattening


Okay, it's a joke: Leesa mattresses are durable. Yet Polysleep mattresses are even more so, because of the reinforced contours that you will find on each of our foam mattresses, except for the Origin and Baby models. These extremely firm edges surround the foam layer structure to reinforce it and so increase the longevity of your mattress by preventing premature sagging of these same layers. This way, you'll be able to live your life in and on your bed. Tying your shoelaces on the edge of your mattress before going to work, or quietly reading the sweet texts of your last date in the morning: you’ll be able to do whatever you want without being afraid that your mattress will drop you unexpectedly!

On the Leesa mattress side, no edge reinforcement. As the Leesa Original foam mattress is simply made of several layers of foam, it will tend to flatten out faster than its Polysleep counterpart. As for the Leesa Hybrid model, you might think that it would be different with the pocket springs, which are usually known to offer a high level of durability to mattresses equipped with them. For all that, since it has a hybrid structure that also includes foam layers, these could also collapse prematurely as there's no reinforced structure surrounding them.

Perfect comfort as soon as bedtime at Polysleep, longer to get with Leesa!


This is because Leesa mattresses use memory foam on both models. Memory foam has the property of conforming to the shape of your body when it is in contact with the heat released by the latter. This has the advantage of offering a support perfectly adapted to the morphology of the sleeper. But this also has a major drawback during our harsh winters, since the memory foam is very firm when temperatures drop.

The result: a memory foam mattress will tend to be hard until it warms up, and Leesa mattresses are no exception.

Polysleep mattresses, for their part, all use viscoelastic foam, with the exception of the Zephyr. So, they'll offer you the comfort you are looking for from the very first seconds under the duvet, both in summer and winter. In the case of the Zephyr, the memory foam mattress topper has thermo-regulating properties that will keep your body and its memory foam at the right temperature at all times. That’s the Polysleep difference!

Conclusion: Leesa offers good mattresses. And Polysleep? Excellent highly durable mattresses!


If there’s one thing to remember, it’s that both Leesa and Polysleep build good mattresses!


But Polysleep features numerous advantages over Leesa mattresses:

  • You will have more choices with Polysleep, including a baby mattress for your youngest one, little George.

  • The prices of Polysleep mattresses are very soft!

  • You'll be able to choose the appropriate support-to-comfort ratio, with even, for the Zephyr model, a custom support for your hips, that are well worth it!

  • The Zephyr and Polysleep mattresses have ultra-firm contours that, on top of allowing you to sit on the edges of the bed, reinforce the entire structure of foam layers more in the centre.

  • The majority of Polysleep mattresses, unlike Leesa's, use only viscoelastic foam. No matter which Polysleep foam mattress you'll choose, you'll enjoy unparalleled comfort and support from the moment you go to bed in winter, because the foams your mattress uses won't be hard if it's cold in your room.

Voilà! If you've been convinced by the benefits of the Polysleep foam mattress over the Leesa Origin foam mattress and the Leesa Hybrid model (something we’re sure of!), order yours online HERE.

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