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10 amazing facts that will make you jump off your mattress!
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10 amazing facts that will make you jump off your mattress!

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A little over a year ago, Polysleep embarked on a mission: to create the Ultimate Mattress, as well as other unparalleled products coming soon, all to enrich your sleep and enhance all the benefits that a good night sleep can bring.

The Polysleep Mattress is entirely made in Canada, and with our 100-night trial, Canadians across the country have been seduced by the charm, comfort, and support that this ahead of its time mattress has to offer.

Discover all the superior qualities of the Ultimate Mattress

The Polysleep team is wholly devoted to the science of sleep and all these facets. And for this reason, we would love to share with you these 10 amazing facts related to sleep that might amaze you:

1- It is important to remember the following duration: from 10 to 15 minutes.

This is the ideal time to fall asleep. If you fall asleep in less than 5 minutes, you have accumulated fatigue.

2- The position in which everyone sleeps says a lot about yourself.

As weird as it may seem, the position in which we sleep on our mattress reveals a lot about certain personality traits. For example, a person who sleeps on their mattress, laying on their backs, is rather quiet and reserved in nature, while a person who sleeps in the fetal position, is more sensitive and emotional.

3- The koala is the animal that sleeps the most.

The Sloth is often thought to be the animal that sleeps the most. But, contrary to popular belief, it is the Koala that sleeps the most, averaging 22 hours of sleep. Imagine spending 22 hours on a Polysleep mattress: the dream!

4- We forget almost all our dreams in a very fast way.

Almost 50% of our dreams disappear from our conscious mind within 5 minutes of waking up, while 90% of our dreams are totally forgotten 10 minutes after getting up from the mattress.

5- More than 20% of children are sleepwalkers!

According to some research, 1 in 5 children, between 7 and 12 years old, get up from their mattress to sleepwalk. Adults are less affected by this condition, accounting for no more than 4% of the general population.


6- The moon influences our sleep.

Lunar cycles have a significant impact on our sleep. Researchers have found that the full moon affects us the most, decreasing our sleep by 20 minutes, increasing REM sleep by half an hour, all while taking us an extra five minutes to fall asleep.

7- It is impossible to "catch up" your sleep.

Many of us suffer from several sleep problems that prevented us from getting a good night sleep. But, unfortunately, it is not possible to make up for those lost hours. It is better to have a normal night's sleep that lasts between 7 and 9 hours than to sleep more than 10 hours, since it will not help you, in any way, to catch up on sleep.

8- It is possible to stay awake for 266 hours in a row!

It is a 42-year-old British man that managed to break the Guinness world record by refusing to sleep for 266 hours, which equals 11 days without spending a minute on his mattress.

9- The giraffe is the animal that sleeps the least.

If the koala is the animal that sleeps the most, the giraffe is the one that sleeps the least. A giraffe will sleep a few stretches of 5 to 10 minutes, totaling approximately 4 hours a day of sleep.

10- We spend more than a third of our lives sleeping.

If we do a quick calculation, we will spend more than 30% of our life on a mattress! In other words, the mattress we choose to sleep on is one very important life decision, and should not be taken lightly.


Many clients have already been dazzled and blown away after adopting the Ultimate Polysleep Mattress! This is also the case of Ben from the Sleep Sherpa blog, who was really satisfied with his Polysleep experience. Maybe it is time to give it a try?


Meanwhile, discover how amazingly satisfied our clients are with their Polysleep experience, visiting:



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